Diebold Nixdorf DN Series 200H CRM Model Specifications

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DN SeriesTM 200H

Lobby Cash Recycler with Check or Coin

Built to Connect. Built for More.

With the most functionality in the smallest footprint, the DN Series 200H is where efficiency and innovation meet. Now you can optimize your self-service cash ecosystem and empower deeper connections through a platform that grows with your business, to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.

Powered by the world’s most innovative, reliable 4th generation Recycling Module (RM4H), the 200H is integrated into our Cash Cycle Management System (CCMS), which enables you to operate your cash cycle as efficiently as possible. Offering options for check deposit or coin dispense, the 200H can help repurpose branch staff by migrating more routine transactions away from the teller line. It’s never been quicker or simpler to adapt your self-service channel to offer new features and services.

More Available :

DN AllConnectSM  Data Engine,  an intelligent data-driven service architecture, maximizes the availability of the globally proven 4th generation recycling module.

More Efficient :

The larger all-in cassette and comprehensive CCMS empowers you to serve more consumers and minimize CIT visits.

More Future-Ready :

Our scalable, modular platform offers the flexibility to meet consumers’ demands today, and in the future.

More Secure :

Layered security features protect against traditional and emerging physical, data and cyber threats.

More Integrated :

A common platform supported by leading software and services ensures more seamless integration into your organization’s channel ecosystem

More Personalized :

Engaging, consistent, research- based design coupled with powerful Vynamic MarketingTM  enables you to personally connect with consumers at the intersection of physical and digital channels.

CROSS-PLATFORM MEDIA ENGINES RM4H Engine :(4th Generation Recycling Module)

  • Deposit/Withdraw up to 
  • 300-note bundle
  •  4+1 [4 recycling cassettes + 1 
  • acceptance cassette]
  • 300 mm note capacity per 
  • recycling cassette
  • 500 mm note capacity all-in cassette
  •  Cash Cycle Management Solutions 
  • Intelligent Cassettes
  •  Three multipurpose bins
  • Recycles up to 4 denominations
  • Foreign object detection
  • ECB banknote validation compliant
  • Check Deposit Module
  •  Deposit up to 30 checks in a bundle
  • 4-way MICR + OCR recognition
  • Up to 126 mm bin capacity
  •  Retract bin up to 30 items

Coin Module :

  •  Coin dispense 4-hopper capacity


  •  Portrait, cash slot and environmental 
  • surveillance cameras
  • Security Safes: UL 291 Level 1, 
  • CEN I – IV, CEN I EX Gas, CEN III EX Gas, 
  • CEN IV EX Gas
  •  Variety of alarm options
  • Anti-fraud system design
  • Electronic or mechanical safe locks
  • Access control for recycling head 
  • module
  • Anti-cash trapping sensor
  •  Blasting attack prevention

Data  :

  •  Consumer awareness mirrors
  • Encrypting PIN pad
  •  PIN pad shield
  •  Anti-skimming options: 
  • Secure Pack 1, 2, 3 or ActivEdgeTM
  •  Illuminated Privacy Panel

Cyber :

  • Trusted Device Communication
  • Basic Endpoint Security
  • CrypTA Stick secure service access
  • DN VynamicTM  Security Suite
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)


  •  15” with function keys and/or touchscreen
  •  19” portrait or landscape touchscreen
  •  Vandal-resistant display
  •  Supports multi-touch
  •  Standard or high-bright LCD
  •  Privacy filter

Processor :

  • Intel® Celeron, i3, or i5
  • Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT)
  • Hard disk or solid state drives
  • DVD drive

Accessibility :

  • Compliant with regional height and reach requirements
  •  Headphone or headset jack
  • User guide lights customizable with branding colors

ID Devices:

  • EMV motorized, dip, ActivEdgeTM and/or contactless card readers
  • Barcode scanner 1D/2D
  • Fingerprint reader

Printers :

  • 80 mm thermal receipt printer with or without retract option
  • Journal printer


  • Front or rear load
  • 10.1” service display
  • Integrated with DN AllConnect ServicesSM  Architecture

Dimensions (HxWxD):

  • 1445 mm x 450 mm x 1035 mm (UL)
  • (56.9 in x 17.7 in x 40.7 in)
  • 1445 mm x 500 mm x 1035 mm (CEN)
  • (56.9 in x 19.7 in x 40.7 in

Platform Software & Operating System:

  •  ProBase/C 1.4
  •  Windows® 7 and 10

Application Software :

  •  DN Vynamic Software Suite

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