Recently Movie Release Formats

Recently Movie Release Formats
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 Nowadays movies and series have become very popular. People around the world watch movie or series in different ways. Those movies are released in different qualities and different sizes. They are different in size and quality because of the source taken from and the medium used to take from.

Those are usually encoded in popular formats.


Cam is a copy of a movie which is made in a cinema using a mobile phone or camera. Here the sound source is an external microphone that has some good hearing power. So this is the reason there is some background noise you can hear while watching movies. This is the main disadvantage. Cam rips appear quickly online after the first premiere of a film. This format is known as CAM-Rip, CAM, HDCAM, etc.


Telesync (TC) is made using a professional camera on a tripod in the projection both. Telesync copy contains better sound quality because it is captured with a direct connection to the sound source. This format is known as HDTC, PDVD, PreDVDRip, etc.


Workprints are copied from unfinished versions of a film. As this is an unfinished version this may have a time index marker or watermark and missing some material that appears in the final movie. It is different from the theatrical release.


Telecine is a technology that covers analog reel film to current technology’s digital format that can be played on any latest device. Hence its quality is basically the same quality as DVD, it is rare because of its cost and large machines. This format is known as TC, HDTC, etc.


The screener is an early DVD release of the theatrical version of a film that is sent to the reviewers, and academy members for review purposes.Sometimes it may contain some watermarks from that DVD. It is lower than a retail DVD rip.


Digital Distribution Copy is as same as Screener. Which is sent digitally to companies using many popular file transfer protocols. It is cheaper and contains better quality than Cam or Telesync.


DVD Rip is the final version of the Film containing an AVI video file and ac3 for the audio file. As DVD Rip has higher quality, it replaces other earlier copies. It will contain Video codec X 264 and the file name will be like.AVI or .MP4. So it can be played on any video player.


DVD-R is a final retail version of a film in DVD format which is copied from the original DVD. DVD-R rips are larger in size. This format is known as ISO rip, Untouched rip, Full-Rip etc.


HDTV is a copy of HD Television. This quality can surpass DVD.

In this format many watermarks can be and many advertisements also can be seen in final product. HD TV sources can be encoded in Several resolutions. Full Hd, HD or 4K, etc.


VOD Rip is a recording of a film from an On-Demand Service such as cable or satellite TV service. This isn’t the same as HD quality but far better than the Cam or Telesync version of a film.


HC HD rip is released after a pm is released and then the copy comes out from the theatre. Here HC stands for Hardcoded subtitles that cannot be removed from the video. Its quality is lower than a WEB. This format is known as HD-Rip or HC.

HD Rip

This version is also known as the web DL version. This is quite a popular version of releasing movies. It can also come from the HDTV version.


WEB-DL is a format where the video file is ripped from a streaming service or downloaded via an online distribution website. In this format video (H.264/H.265) and audio (AC3/AAC) are extracted and remixed into an MKV container without sacrificing quality.

BD Rip/Blu-ray Rip

Blu-ray or Bluray rips are encoded directly from the Blu-ray disc of a film using the x264 or x265 codec. BD-Rip and BR Rip are often confused with each other though BR Rip is transcoded. Blu-ray & BR Rips comes in various versions such as 720p, 720p, 1080p, 1080p, HD etc.


Some contents are compressed using different codecs. One of the popular compress codecs is the x265 HEVC codec. Many popular tools can be used to compress. The most popular one is called the handbrake. While compressing or encoding files they also put subtitles files in video. Usually .mkv files can contain subtitles in the video files. It can also contain multiple audio files in one video file. Users can select from audio and subtitle track from their player to play that audio or subtitle while playing the video.

Codec Supported Video Player

There are thousands of video and audio codecs available. There are so many formats of video files available. Some popular video format is .mp4,.mkv,.avi,.webp,.ts and etc. To support all these codecs users need to use the proper players. One of the best plays is VLC player. It supports all types of video and audio codecs. This is a open-source application this is why it is updated with all types of new codecs. You easily play any new Codec video and audio in VLC Player. You will never face a Codec error in vlc player. It is highly recommended to use Vlc Player. There are other players on the market that will fail on supporting many codecs. But vlc won’t let you down. There are many extra features available on VlC player. Vlc player is available on all platforms. You can use it on any device. There is an online subtitle download option. Vlc will scan the video file name and search for online subtitles. If it finds it will automatically download and add it to that video. Some other recommended player is pot player, km player, gom player and etc. This will almost support all the Codecs like vlc player. All these player has a forum for support. They will provide online support for any issue.

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