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About Crypto Currency Trading
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 CryptoCurrency is right now one of the trending topics of technology. What is CryptoCurrency? It is virtual money that can be used many here. Unlike money different cryptocurrency has a different rate. None of them are fixedItsIts prices go up and down. Buying crypto at a low rate and selling it at a high rate and making a profit using it is called crypto trading. There are 2-3 thousand cryptocurrencies available in the market. The popular one is BitCoin. It has the most value right now. 1Bitcoin price is around 35K$ to 60k$ at different times. Know More About Bitcoin

How to start Crypto Trading

There are few crypto wallet options available to start crypto trading. The most popular one is Binance Wallet. You can trade almost every type of coin there. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and so many popular coins are available there to trade. You can find every type of coin available there. There is also another wallet. But if you want to make a profit Binance wallet is best for you. There is also a coinbase and another popular wallet you can go with. Make sure to choose the best one suitable for you. Just select one for you and buy crypto using your dollar. In finance, you can buy dollars using a credit card, or debit card. Also, there is a mobile top-up option to buy locally USD using Binance.

Process of Trading Crypto

In a Binance wallet, you will have all kinds of crypto options to buy. USDT is the basic coin to buy crypto. USD price remains the same rate. I mean the price won’t up down. It will remain safe. If you buy 1USDT the value will remain the same. Using this usdt crypto you can buy another crypto-like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The process is to buy crypto at their low or middle rate and keep it then sell it when the price is up. Like if you see bitcoin, its medium rate is 40-44k $ if you buy 1Bitcoin while the rate is 40-44k$ then sell it when the price is high which is like 50-55k$ usually. You can get an option for the limit to buy or sell. And set it. If you set the buy limit for buying at 40k$ then it will buy automatically using your dollar while the price is that limit. And you can also set a limit for the sale of 50k$ dollars then it will sell it at that rate automatically. This is the coolest thing about crypto trading. If the price is also high during nighttime when you are asleep, Binance will also buy or sell according to that limit you have set.

Some Popular Crypto Currency to Buy:


Bitcoin is the most popular crypto available in the market. My first recommendation will be bitcoin. It has the highest value in the market right now. This is the best crypto to buy. The best choice is bitcoin always and will be. Tesla is also investing in bitcoin. That’s why you need to go with bitcoin. Its middle rate is around 45-50k$. And the high rate can be 60-65k$. So that’s why you need to buy bitcoin right now.


Ethereum is the next crypto to invest in. The average rate is around 3000$-3200$ and a high rate can be 4000-4500$ that’s good crypto to invest in. This is good to invest in thorium. Many investors now investing in thorium. So there is a chance to get profit in Ethereum.

Binance Coin

It is a coin from a Binance wallet. It is also popular in the present time. Its average rate is around 300-350$. It can push up to 400-450$ and sometimes I can reach 500$. This coin is quite popular. You can go with it.


Solana is also one of the most popular coins. Its average rate is 150-200$. It can push up to 250-300$. Right now it is trending. You can go with it.


Cardano is also a popular coin. Its average rate is 1.5-1.8$. It is a low-rate coin. You can buy it and start trading right now on Cardano. It can go up to 2-2.3$. It is a good coin to trade. But make sure to study the market before you trade.


It is the next crypto. It has an average value of 1.2-1.3$. It can go up to 1.5-1.8$. It is like the previous coin.


Polkadot is the next coin. It has an average value of 40-45$. It can push up to 47-50$ or more sometimes. It is quite popular at the time.


Dogecoin has a very smaller rate. It has an average rate of 0.24-0.25$. It is a safe rate to buy dogecoin. It can go up to 0.3 -0.35 dollars. You can go with this coin. It is quite popular. It is safe to make a huge amount of profit trading dogecoin.

Shiba Inu

This is the lowest lowest-rated-rated-rated with an average value of 0.00004-0.00005$. This is so low Nah? But is so popular nowadays. It can push up to 0.00007. So much profit if you trade correctly. That will pump your money into a huge amount of money.

These are the main crypto trading coin. You can see their market value and history to get an idea about when to trade. And how much to trade. Again I am saying it is a risky game. But when you are ready to take the risk. You have to maintain some things before you jump into it. Do some research on the coin you are going to buy. Read some related articles about that coin. Make sure to check the market chart. Day, month, and year-wise. How much it can push and how much it can go down. Get an assumption according to that. According to that mark the average point. Buy the coin when the price is around that average point. When you are ready go and buy using the process. Make sure to use some application that gives you a price alert. Don’t panic if the price goes down after buying. Remember It will go up again. It can take some time to go up. Just give it some time and make sure to check daily. It will go up obviously. And remember, always start with a small amount. Don’t make a big jump. You are going to succeed. Good luck

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